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Pump-Assist Portable Drain Model 8592

Alemite’s Model 8592 Used Fluid Drain has a portable, upright design commonly used for collecting fluids from beneath lift-mounted vehicles. It features a 26-gallon (98 liter) reservoir molded from high strength, chemical-resistant polyethylene for lighter weight, reduced corrosion and lower risk of damage to surrounding vehicles. The unit’s 18-inch (457 mm) offset funnel includes a removable metal filter screen and secondary debris screen, and the funnel height can be adjusted from 53 to 79 inches (135 to 200 cm).

The reservoir is supported by two four-inch (102 mm) ball-bearing swivel casters and two 10-inch (254 mm) fixed-axle wheels selected for their size, durability and resistance to shop chemicals. Also, the reservoir provides large, recessed pockets for convenient tool and used filter storage.


  • 26 gallon high-strength polyethylene reservoir 
  • 18" diameter offset bowl with removable filter screen 
  • Integrated recesses for tool and used filter storage
  • Mounted on two 4" swivel casters and two 10" fixed-axle wheels 
  • Built-in fluid level sight gauge 
  • 3/4" male camlock connector extends from top for connection to external pump system

Alemite 8592- 26 gallon oil drain

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